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Partner with an expert Virtual CFO and our team of seasoned accountants and tax specialists to drive your business forward, adapt to changes seamlessly, and realize your strategic ambitions.


Boost Your Business Potential

Rev up your business game with smart financial tips and tailor-made plans for expanding, keeping things legit, and making everything run like clockwork. Get a Virtual CFO on your side to help your financial stats do the heavy lifting!

How does the Virtual CFO service work?

Our Virtual CFO service aligns you with a skilled CFO and tax experts to steer your business towards success. Beyond traditional accounting, we deliver in-depth financial reporting, forecasting, and various tax services, ensuring you have the financial clarity needed for peace of mind. We proactively engage in tax planning to prevent year-end surprises. Ideal for expanding businesses seeking professional financial advice, our Virtual CFO solution offers the strategic support required for growth.

Who Needs a Virtual CFO?

Whether you’re a startup laying the groundwork, a growing business facing new challenges, or an established enterprise looking to innovate, our Virtual CFO services offer the strategic partnership you need to thrive.

A Virtual CFO is like a high-level financial helper for different kinds of businesses, especially useful for:

  • Growing Businesses: If your business is getting bigger quickly, a Virtual CFO can help you manage everything so you can grow smoothly and stay strong financially while you focus on the real operations.
  • Startups: New businesses with big dreams but not a lot of money can really benefit from a Virtual CFO’s advice on how to be smart with their money without hiring a full-time expensive executive.
  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses: If your business doesn’t have its own finance expert, a Virtual CFO can fill that gap, helping with big-picture money planning, taxes, and future money predictions.
  • Businesses navigating changes: If your business is merging with another, buying another business, or changing what it does, a Virtual CFO can help guide you through these big moves.
  • Businesses seeking efficiency: A Virtual CFO can help make your business’s money matters run smoother, find ways to save money, and help your business do better financially.
  • Businesses Looking for Money: If you’re trying to get investment or money from outside sources, a Virtual CFO can help make sure your financial records and plans look good to investors.

A Virtual CFO lets any business get expert money advice and planning help without needing to hire a full-time CFO. This way, you can make wise money moves to grow and do well.

Why Your Business Needs a Virtual CFO

Businesses navigating growth, transformation, or operational challenges require expert financial guidance. A Virtual CFO brings strategic financial leadership, akin to a navigator charting your course through complex financial landscapes. They provide not just accounting expertise but strategic business planning, helping businesses optimize profitability, manage risk, and seize growth opportunities efficiently.

On Average, the cost of hiring a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) range around $225+ per year (not including additional benefits). Working with ASMA Ltd, means you outsource your CFO needs through our Virtual CFO services for a fraction of the price depending on the package you choose and your needs.

Choosing a Virtual CFO means you’re picking a smarter way to handle your business’s finances. It’s like having a top-level financial guide without the cost of hiring one full-time, helping your business save money, grow, and succeed.

How Do You Know You Need a Virtual CFO?

If your business experiences rapid growth, financial complexity, strategic planning challenges or time constraints it’s time to consider a Virtual CFO. Signs include struggling with cash flow management, needing strategic financial planning for expansion, requiring expertise in financial compliance and risk management, or lacking in-depth financial insights for decision-making.

Sectors We Serve

We specialize in sectors including:

  • Construction & Facilities Management
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing
  • Education & eLearning

Our Services

  • Launchpad Finance: Ideal for startups and SMEs, focusing on establishing robust financial frameworks. Tailored for startups and emerging enterprises, this package offers essential financial oversight, including monthly reporting, foundational budget guidance, cash flow insights, and quarterly strategic assessments to ensure your business stays on track for success.
  • Growth Accelerator: For businesses in growth mode needing in-depth financial strategies to support expansion. Designed for businesses in their growth phase, providing bi-weekly advanced financial analyses, dynamic budgeting and forecasting, monthly strategic advisement sessions, and support in securing funding, all aimed at accelerating your business expansion.
  • Elite Financials: Offering strategic financial leadership for established businesses aiming for market leadership or diversification. The premier choice for established businesses seeking a strategic financial partnership to navigate market leadership challenges. Includes weekly comprehensive financial analyses, monthly board-level strategizing, guidance on mergers, acquisitions, and bespoke financial project management to steer your business towards new heights of achievement.

Why Choose Us?

Our Virtual CFO services blend strategic insight with operational excellence, driven by our experienced team’s commitment to your business’s success.

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